Hyperion Essbase Calc Script Examples



About Amit Sharma

Hi, I'm Hyperion Trainer/Consultant. I am fond of exchanging knowledge and I strongly believe that sharing/teaching to somebody is the best way to gain knowledge. In this I'm going to explain all about what is Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.An introduction to Oracle Hyperion Products. Pl Contact Kapil 919977997254, 9752753753 [Training & Consulting]
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10 Responses to Hyperion Essbase Calc Script Examples

  1. kiran says:

    Please send me all calc scripts document plz….

  2. Prasath says:

    Please send me the entire calculation scripts for self practice.
    Thanking you,

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  4. prapulla says:

    Hi Sir,

    please send the Examples of calcScripts for Practicing.

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  8. Gunjan says:

    Hi Sir,

    Can you please send the Examples of calcScripts on my e-mail address.

    I have heard scribd is not a safe site. So, I am not comfortable downloading it from there.


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  10. prasad says:

    Hi sir,
    please send me the caliculation scripts as an email for practice and better undertsand of the essbase

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